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Australian Team Claims Title of World's Fastest Couch

It’s a comfortable faux-leather two-seater in a vague maroon with a coffee table, bowl of fruit, cup of coffee, and an oversized book. It also tops out at around 163 km/h (101 mph), because it’s the world’s fastest couch, which received its official lap time last week in Australia.

Incredibly, there is an established world record for the world’s fastest couch set by the UK’s Marek Turowsk in 2008. The Australian motorized chesterfield handily surpassed that record, and completely crushed Akron, OH’s jet-powered bar stool’s 40 mph record. The project’s leader, Paul McKinnon, told the Herald Sun in a surely bemused tone:

“With race cars, you can use the aerodynamic body kit … but with the couch, it was a matter of just doing what we could. We tried to break the airflow with the coffee table.”

(via Nothing to Do With Arbroath)

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