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The Internet Reacts To Elan Gale Pranking the Internet, Finally Implodes On Itself

Okay, nothing imploded. But if anything should, it's the Internet.

Everyone had an opinion (including us) about Bachelor producer Elan Gale’s tale of sticking it to an unruly airline passenger on his flight. So of course, now that he’s finally admitted that he faked the whole thing, everyone has an opinion about that, too. But unlike the original Diane story, these tweets are actually funny. Zing!

That one’s from Elan himself, who was apparently very upset by the fact that so many people thought he was a bully after hearing his story about being a bully to somebody. Not that the Internet let him get away with that line of thinking for very long, of course:

We’re inclined to agree with that last one. Like, a whole bunch.

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