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Oscar Winner Eddie Redmayne Is Voicing a Train in a Thomas the Tank Engine Movie. Delightful.

Yes. Really.


While you and the entire Internet were distracted by a live feed of escaped llamas, we got word that Best Actor Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne would play a train in a Thomas the Tank Engine movie. All of that sentence is true despite every word of it sounding like nonsense. This is the world we live in.

And he’s not even playing the title role! No, in the new special Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure, Redmayne will play a secondary character/locomotive called Ryan, and—oh my God this man won an Oscar on Sunday and we’re seriously discussing his new role as an animated train. What is happening out there, everyone?

Don’t worry; we’re not getting a gritty, big screen reboot of Thomas the Tank Engine. The movie is a 70th anniversary special for Thomas and Friends, and it’s pretty awesome that Redmayne got to play a part in a celebration of something he grew up with. He’s apparently already completed his voice work for the special and told Radio Times,

I grew up loving to watch Thomas and his pals getting caught up in unexpected and mischievous adventures. I jumped at the opportunity to get involved and what fun it was! I have never voiced an animated character before and I had a complete blast!

He’s not alone in bringing prestige to the children’s program, either; John Hurt also lent his voice to the special as “Sailor John,” who he said was “something of a departure from what I usually do and a lot of fun to play.” I’ve never felt so compelled to watch Thomas the Tank Engine. What a strange and wonderful world this is.

(via Radio Times)

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