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10 Big Things to Anticipate From This Year’s E3

E3, one of the gaming industry’s biggest gala events, is almost upon us, and it’s getting difficult to remember all the awesome things we might or will hear about by the time the clock strikes midnight and Peter Molyneux turns into a pumpkin.  That’s how it works, right?  But if you’ll bear with us for another few paragraphs, you’ll see that we’ve prepared a Power Grid that hopefully encompasses the most anticipated games, peripherals, and platforms that are rumored, confirmed, or expected to show up, in some form, at E3 2010.

This week’s PowerGrid is ranked by four different metrics:

  • Web Buzz: Number of Google results.
  • News Buzz: Number of Google News results.
  • Wikipedia Pageviews: Utilizing the lovely to find the number of Wikipedia page-views for the month of May.  Some items on the PowerGrid don’t have Wikipedia pages yet.  We had a long discussion with a panel of experts and after many hours of meditation came to the conclusion: sucks for them.
  • HOW MUCH WANT:  Uh, this is a rank out of 10 based on how excited we become when it is mentioned.  Kitty!

From Zelda, to Portal, to Fallout, to Fallout: Vegas, and even GoldenEye, see how they rank up when we condense truth from the vapor of the internet.  Or something.  You can start browsing through the E3 PowerGrid right here.

Jamie Block contributed writing to the making of this week’s Grid.

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