Welcome to Night Vale Actor Uses Movie Edits to Call Out Hollywood’s “White as Default” Problem

Actor and writer Dylan Marron (the voice of Welcome to Night Vale‘s Carlos) is the founder of Every Single Word, a Tumblr featuring mainstream films edited down to just the speaking roles for people of color.

Take Her, for example:

Or The Fault In Our Stars, which Marron edited down into a 41-second cut:

Noah Baumbach’s Francis Ha stood out from most Hollywood fare with its celebration of female friendships, but its speaking roles for people of color can be condensed into 30 seconds:

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Marron explained that he hopes his edits will speak for themselves:

I present these cuts without comment and without embellishment. As the volume of videos keeps getting bigger, a pattern will emerge. When you lay out patterns in front of people, they speak much louder than any megaphone rant.

To see more glaring evidence of Hollywood’s dire need for better representation and more diverse creators, head over to Buzzfeed or Every Single Word.

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