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Dune Activity Books Geared Toward Whom, Exactly?

Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

What exactly do you give the nine-year old Dune fan in your life? To promote the 1984 David Lynch film version of the much-more-well-received novel, these activity and coloring books were released. Now, activity and coloring books are generally for children. Dune was rated PG-13, so most likely, kids weren’t seeing it. So, maybe this was a plot to get kids to get their parents to see the movie, which ended up flopping. But good news: there’s a no-bake spice cookie recipe in it! (Not involving awareness spectrum narcotics!) Come for the societal collapse, stay for the cookies!

So, here’s our hero Paul Atreides, about to die and ready to color!

If there’s anything kids — a special kind of kid — like more than coloring, it’s pustules.

But if there’s anything they like more than that, it’s dead bodies!

Maybe it’s time to tell them that the earthly manifestations of Freman superstitions are not hiding under their beds. Unless they wanted them to be. Those kinds of kids would probably be totally into that.

But seriously, you can’t do a good re-enactment of a high-concept sci-fi film without PAPER DOLLS:

And, as promised, the cookies. Because when I think about sprawling feudal interplanetary empires, I immediately think about cookies!

Thank you, Dune marketing, for thinking of everyone!

(Coilhouse via Neatorama)

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