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When Firefly Is Your Dealbreaker … [Video]



Sometimes, we date someone who is unfathomably wonderful in every way. And then, we have dealbreakers. Things that absolutely must be agreed upon before moving any further in the relationship. I’m not referring to the things that you need to look past and learn to live with, or the things that Dan Savage calls the Price of Admission. I mean the absolutely unacceptable things. And yes — they exist. You can try to be the most easygoing person about it. But let’s be totally honest and just admit that if our significant others reveal themselves to be racist, homophobic, or not into our favorite, long-dead sci-fi TV shows, it’s frakking over.

Before viewing, heed the following warnings: there are SPOILERS in this if you haven’t seen Serenity and plan to do so. The other warning: this is clearly a parody. Let’s not get too fired up over it.

(Topless Robot via io9)

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