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Congress Jumps the Shark: Senator Asks Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch About Fighting Duck-Sized Horses, Horse-Sized Duck

Or is it "nukes the fridge" now?

As has been the case in politics in the United States since Donald Trump began his run, it’s been a weird week for politics. One moment from yesterday’s confirmation hearing (still ongoing today) for Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch stuck out, though: A Senator actually asked him whether he’d choose to fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck.

Anyone who’s spent any time around the Internet has likely heard this question before and pondered the answer, but Gorsuch was clearly caught off guard. I’m not surprised he’s never heard the question before, but come on. He didn’t even try. Are those the kind of reasoning skills we want on the Supreme Court of the United States? He didn’t even ask whether or not he can use weapons! (Obviously, if we’re talking straightforward hand-to-hoof-to-beak combat, it’s 100 duck-sized horses every time, though I anticipate a thorough rebuttal in the comments.)


Or maybe the real reason this moment felt so off was that Gorsuch was sitting in a hearing for a Supreme Court seat that should’ve been President Obama’s to fill (despite all the nonsense excuses to the contrary), and we all had to watch a Republican Senator (Jeff Flake of Arizona) yuk it up all buddy-buddy with him, as though the job’s already his and this is just a formality. (Probably something both of those dudes are used to.)

And maybe even that wouldn’t sting so much if Gorsuch hadn’t been nominated by Donald Trump, whose approval ratings are in the gutter, who’s shown he’s not to be trusted to even help the people he promised to help, who lost the popular vote, who has benefitted from the support of hate groups, and who likely nominated Gorsuch as a surface-level non-threatening pick with some potentially insidious long-term goals.

But yeah. Haha! Duck-sized horses! How adorable and disarming—those whacky Senators.

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