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Domino’s Drone Delivers Unnerving Vision of Grim Future, Also Pizza

And the next job to be wiped out by technological advancements is...anyone who delivers anything for a living.

Love getting pizza delivered straight to your door but wish there were a way to further minimize human interaction in the course of your day? Domino’s is here to help, using flying drones to send pizzas to the homes of hungry customers, because if there’s anything better than pizza — and I’m not saying there is — it’s pizza brought to you by a robot.

Sure, this is just a publicity stunt for now, but it’s also an important proof of concept that one day, our skies will hum with the whirr of drones on the wing, bringing us not just pizzas, but lo mein, tacos, and anything else you can order from GrubHub. It’s going to be a beautiful future, and I can’t wait to not see any of you there, because I’m never going to leave the house again.

(via Nerd Reactor)

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