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Is HTC Making a “Female-Friendly” Droid Phone?

Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

It has not been confirmed as truth, but tech site This Is My Next has apparently spoken to people in the possession of an Android phone by HTC — the HTC Bliss — that is meant to be designed specifically for women. Above is their mock-up of what it could look like, based on the information they’ve received. You’ll note that it is indeed not pink or purple, it is a sort of seafoam green. Because such a color has “calming properties.” And here we go!

According to TIMN, among the features of the HTC Bliss — which is said to be geared towards women in their 20s and 30s — are:

1. The “calming” seafoam green body and wallpaper, because, you know, we’re so hysterical and emotional and crap.
2. A “greenish-gray rubber back” so our hand-cream and chocolate-drenched hands can get a better grip on this phone, which is also structurally thinner. Which is stupid, because I don’t want my phone to be thinner than I am.
3. Apps for “shopping comparison” and “calorie counting.” Perhaps it also includes an ovulation tracker and a Netflix app with nothing but Katherine Heigl and Kate Hudson movies. Because we’d love those!
4. A “stylish” Bluetooth set. Unlike your other “man” Bluetooth sets, which we should all just stop using immediately.
5. A “charm indicator” that attached to the phone and lights up when it rings so you can find it at the bottom of your purse underneath all your makeup and tampons.

And it menstruates for you! That’s pretty awesome.

Okay, it seems that this could be a bit of a hoax, TIMN does confirm that the HTC Bliss does exist and is being tested:

Regardless, we do know that the Bliss is being tested with consumers and that HTC and Verizon are, for better or worse, thinking seriously hard about how to aim Android at females.

Um, I actually have a Droid X (on Verizon) and had no idea it wasn’t geared for my delicate lady sensibilities. As far as I know, my delicate little lady hands can work the keyboard just fine. And when it makes sounds at me, I don’t get all freaked out by it because I have a variety of fun sounds to choose from. I mean, was I not supposed to pay attention to their advertising? Nothing in the product description signaled that I and other female humans weren’t meant to buy this phone. Was it the robots? That scary “DROID” sound? I suppose I should go for a phone that evokes an image of a giggly romantic chase, if I’m going by Direct TV standards. (Refresher: Here is the “boys” commercial, here is the “girls.” See? I knew it. Robots are for boys.)

Oh, marketing. Just stop.

(This Is My Next via Jezebel)

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