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Draw a Stickman and Help Him Fight Dragons Directly in Your Browser

Draw a Stickman is a fun little in-browser application, more an interactive movie than a game, that allows one to draw a stickman in the above box, which is the first thing to appear on the website once visited. After the stickman is finished and the stick artist clicks the done box, the interactive movie will begin, prompting the artist to draw various tools, weaponry and scenery in order to help the stickman progress through the scenes. Though the interactive movie isn’t as sophisticated as, for instance, Crayon Physics, the art style is charming, right down to the somewhat awkward animations given to the drawn stickman, and watching the events unfold is pretty fun.

This is another Stickman, fighting off a dragon with a Buster Sword. I drew a second Stickman to hold the Buster Sword instead of giving it to the above spiky-haired one because I can only handle so much JRPG in the morning. The application is fun and is worth a few minutes of one’s time, assuming one enjoys charming stickmen doing things.

(via Hacker News)

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