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Don Bluth and Gary Goldman Reunite for Dragon’s Lair Movie

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have always wanted to make a Dragon’s Lair movie. Although there was a short TV series in 1984, fans have also been asking for a Dragon’s Lair movie for a long time. Now, the two are finally going to try adapting the classic arcade game through Kickstarter! The team, who have previously worked together not only on the famous game but also iconic movies like The Land Before TimeAnastasiaAn American Tail, and lots more, are reuniting for this Kickstarter.

The film will be a prequel to the game, following the story of Dirk the Daring knight. Still, we can’t overlook thong/swimsuit outfitted, damsel Princess Daphne, whose character, least to say, has not always been the most dimensional or complexFrom the teaser, it’s unclear whether or not they’ll make her a character with more agency or a character beyond Dirk’s/the player’s prize to be won. It seems somewhat unlikely as one of the storyboard images feature her bathing and a figurine features her in the same outfit. It’s always a tough line between sexiness and objectification and while I understand that it’s a movie for the fans I hope it leaves those elements in the 80’s.

Even so, I’m a big fan of their animation and a bunch of the rewards on their Kickstarter are actually amazing! When you start getting really high up there, there’s even a lesson with Don Bluth that I would totally claim if I had the cash. Were you a Dragon’s Lair fan?

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