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Dragonborn Mandolin Is Totally Something You Need to Have


You know the necessities of life, right? The simple bear bare necessities? Food, water, shelter, Dragonborn mandolin, and that’s it, if I recall correctly. TTguitars on Etsy can help you with that last one if you haven’t taken care of it yet. As pictured above, a Dragonborn mandolin is available and made to order for a mere $695. If that’s not your style and you’d prefer the stereotypical choice of an electric guitar or the more awesome choice of an electric bass, those options are available as well.

The model shown above is a one of kind creation — or at least it was — has a “beautiful metallic flecked silvery green finish,” a copper inlaid head and neck, and has already been sold. That being said, any commissioned work is likely to be equally awesome, and could have some cool personalization if you play your cards right. These things actually work, by the way, if you hadn’t assumed that from the start, and according to the Etsy page, they sound fantastic. So if you’re willing to shell out around $700 for the piece (maybe more for bass and guitar models), $100 or so in shipping, and wait 2-3 months for creation, head on over to Etsy and place an order. All the rest of you mortals who don’t have that kind of money to toss around can just stay here with me and salivate.

(via Geeks are Sexy)

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