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If Star Wars Was Told by Dr. Seuss, Darth Vader Would Be an Unthreatening Curmudgeon

Together At Last

This is not actually new (from 2010, before The Mary Sue actually existed), but we’re glad it’s making the internet rounds now so we can show it to you. Cartoonist Adam Watson re-told the story of Star Wars in the voice of Theodore Geisel aka Dr. Seuss, and the results are really sweet. Check out more cartoons after the jump.

Seuss-ed Yoda, who might have always been a Seuss character, we just didn’t realize it:

This is a more adorable take on Luke using a Tauntaun to keep warm.

And Han and Chewy get into some Seuss-ified discussions.

See the rest at Watson’s site, and then hope he takes on the second trilogy so we have a reason to like it.

(via Flavorwire)

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