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Everyone Loves a Two-Headed Turtle, But Now You Can Like One on Facebook

A two-headed turtle certainly wouldn't be the weirdest thing we've ever liked on Facebook.


Take a look at your Facebook friends. Are any of them two-headed turtles? No? You can change that right now. The two-headed turtle(s?) born last month at the San Antonio Zoo have their own Facebook page you can go “like.” Get in on this now while you can still claim to have been totally into two-headed turtles before they were mainstream.

Thelma and Louise hatched on June 18th and debuted to the public a week later. The bicephalic turtles are twins that never separated fully inside the egg, resulting in the two-headed animal. Since their debut they’ve gotten quite a bit of attention prompting the zoo to launch a Facebook page for the pair. The page went up on July 23rd, and they’ve already racked up 3,440 likes.

As you might expect, the page focuses mainly on turtle-related things like conservation, rescue, and even jokes about flies. There are a few pictures of Thelma and Louise, but not nearly enough considering most people going to the page are probably doing so to get a look at the two-headed twins.

Thelma and Louise’s condition is not entirely unheard of in turtles both in the wild and in captivity, but it’s still a two-headed animal, so that’s pretty neat. The pair are reportedly doing well, and are swimming and eating normally — or as normally as they can considering the whole two heads/one body thing.

The page has already been upgraded from a personal page to “celebrity” status so it won’t be limited to how many likes it can get. At only 3,440 likes I’d like to see that number go up. Mitch McConnell has 10,484 likes on Facebook. I think Thelma and Louise could easily beat that.

Go check out the Thelma and Louise Facebook page for all your two-headed turtle information needs.

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