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DOTA Dragon’s Blood Season 3 Ending Explained

Dragons are seriously en vogue right now. We’ve got HBO’s House of The Dragon taking the world by storm, and more importantly, we have announcement info for The Dragon Prince Season 4. And while everyone loves the fire breathing casts of these major series, there’s a little-known anime gem called DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix that is also causing ripples on the vast lake of the internet.

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Here’s the thing about DOTA, there is a lot of lore. All of the original DOTA 2 games are canonical, and then the animated series adds a bunch of additional lore on on top of what’s already there. The show moves at a fast pace, so it’s hard to keep all that lore rattling around straight. Sometimes the show gets confusing. Like, wasn’t Filomena dying of a terminal illness in an alternate universe at one point? How is she okay? How is she seemingly back in the main universe at the end of the series? What in God’s name is going on?

So How DID Filomena Survive?

Simple. Because an alternate reality version of herself moved into the universe where she could find a cure.

Wait, what?

Okay let me explain a little more. So the Invoker got trapped in Foulfell, right? You know, Foulfell? The Hell of Hells? Home of the demon Terrorblade? The thing we’ve been trying to kill this whole time? After the Invoker is drained of his power while fighting Terrorblade, he’s shown smiling after the show’s heroes march away. Why is he smiling? Because his plan worked.

The Invoker had a plan to recreate the universe by using the souls of the Eight Eldwurms in combination with the Forge of Creation. He is successful, and is able to create a universe where the troublesome Mad Moon doesn’t blow up and kill everyone. If you remember in episode seven, he starts showing Filomena how to use The Forge. She’s initially uncomfortable with the idea, because any sane person might feel an ethical dilemma if they had the power to play God. However, it’s likely that she cozys up to the idea when she considers that if she doesn’t use the power of The Forge, the Mad Moon will ‘splode and destroy the planet.

Wait but I thought Mirana undoes this universe?

You’re right, she does. But that doesn’t mean that this universe stopped existing, Mirana just moved it back. Therefore, it might have given Filomena some time to master using The Forge so she is able to insert herself into other universes. So again, how did Filomena survive? She most likely went to a universe where she could find a cure, OR by using The Forge’s power she basically ascended into godhood. And last time I checked, gods don’t get sick.

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