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Doom II Running on e-Ink e-Reader [Video]

Not to be outdone by its predecessor, Doom–basically the “Hello, world!” of video games–the above video shows Doom II being run on an e-Reader. What makes Doom II’s appearance impressive, though, is that the e-Reader in question, a Pocketbook 360 Plus prototype, sports an e-Ink screen, rather than some fancy tablet-style screen. The e-Reader is running a Linux port of Doom II, called PrBoom. Though the FPS of the game in the above video isn’t exactly amazing, it is pretty impressive for being displayed on an e-Ink screen, which happens to be an e-Ink Vizplex V110, with the rest of the unit running on 128 MB of RAM and a FreeScale i.MX35 ARM11 533MHz CPU.

(via Jitbit)

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