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But of Course: A Briefcase for Guarding Your Donuts

If you’re going to make a briefcase for transporting donuts, you might as well make it a fully-featured labor of love: That, anyway, seems to be the thinking behind Doughnut To-Go, a suitably insane invention from Japanese curiosity company Strapya.

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Here’s what you get from this $12 “Ultimate Gadget for All Donut Lovers!”

*A “passive ventilation system” consisting of 23 spaced holes, supposedly ensuring donut warmth and freshness

*A center hole of 102mm in diameter, the donut hole world standard which Strapya says it arrived at by studying “studying hundreds of different donuts that are available in the world”; you can also use this hole to store a lollipop

*Space for a nametag

*A security lock hole for a padlock, “to make sure nobody … and I mean NOBODY takes your donut!”

Diagram below:

Available here in “simple and classic” Puppy White, “bright and pretty” Bunny Pink, “retro and gentle” Pony Brown, and “unique and vivid” Frog Green.

(Geekologie via TDW | Strapya product page)

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