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Donald Trump—Totally Cool With Women—Resumes Megyn Kelly Harassment


In case you somehow missed all the coverage of Potential Supreme Ruler of America Donald Trump (come on, you know that’s how he thinks the election works) and his original attack on Megyn Kelly, he (or an intern) couldn’t handle her line of debate questioning and took to Twitter after the first GOP debate to harass her. There was a tenuous peace, but now that Kelly’s back from vacation, Trump’s at it again.

He began by criticizing her journalism:

And then launched into the same old tactics through retweets, though he stopped short of making any period jokes—this time:

Did Donald Trump personally send all of these tweets? No way. I’m sure he pays someone to do it, and if it comes down to it, expect him to use that defense—but that hardly matters.

Certainly, the way to prove Megyn Kelly wrong about those mean questions on Donald Trump’s treatment of women—that I might remind everyone happened in a primary debate and would simply have been an excellent chance for Trump to reassure republican voters that he could right his record on women and win the general election if he had only taken it—is to continue to call the woman who questioned him a bimbo and comment on her looks (while also roping in another female media figure) by proxy. Bravo, sir. Surely, all fears are allayed.

Fox News, for its part, has already stated that Kelly’s vacation was pre-planned and not in response to the beginning of Trump’s harassment, but the fact that we even have to talk about whether or not that’s the case shows how successful Trump’s dirty “who cares about facts” tactics can be. I have to admit that I’m also starting to become impressed with his immigration solution—not because of his foresight in anticipating the need to build a wall to keep our citizens in if he’s president, but in the simplicity of his victory alone ensuring that no one else ever wants to move here.

(via The Hill and Mediaite, image via Gage Skidmore)

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