Donald Glover Talks Being Cast in Star Wars: “I’m Very Honored”

And he knows about that pic of him going around on the Internet.
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Do you remember where you were when you found out Donald Glover had been cast in the Han Solo spinoff movie as Lando Calrissian? I do, because I saw the tweet from the official Star Wars account, proceeded to mic drop the news in Slack, and then watched my fellow TMSers lose their minds. It seems like most of the internet reacted similarly to the news of Glover’s casting, and now Glover himself is speaking out about the experience.

Appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Glover said he felt “very honored” to be cast in the role–and that he’s fully aware of the high school photo of him wearing a Star Wars t-shirt making the rounds online. (If anything it’s proof that some actors are definitely paying attention to what gets shared about them on the internet.)

What most fans of this casting news probably don’t know is that Glover also has a second connection to the Star Wars franchise going back to when he was a kid. “That was the first toy I had–Lando,” he revealed to Ellen. “That was the very first toy. My dad gave it to me, and I had a Darth Vader one too.” Glover also said his dad was the first one to hear the good news–followed shortly by his mom, who had just one piece of advice: “don’t mess it up.”

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