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Dollar Shave Club Claims to Have Superlative Quality Blades

We’ve often discussed the trials and tribulations of beard ownership on Geekosystem, but what if you don’t have a beard? What if you’re a man or woman that wants to stay clean shaven, but is only interested in spending a dollar a month? Then friend, the Dollar Shave Club is here. Their claim: For a dollar a month, they’ll send you a high-quality, no frills razor blades. Sounds like a deal, and the only thing the Internet loves more than a good deal is a clever commercial. Fortunately, they have that too. See it below.

Unfortunately, it seems that the company is experiencing some serious popularity right now and their website is behaving accordingly. That said, it appears to be real. Also, they offer a $1, $6, and $9 price point for fresh blades of varying size and quality. This deal is getting sweeter all the time.

(Dollar Shave Club via Viral Viral Video)

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