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Some Good News: Dogs Cannot Get the Coronavirus, so Cuddle Away

this chihuahua princess leia is too cute.

For a brief moment, there was fear that we could be infecting dogs with the COVID-19 coronavirus if we touch them. Rest easy, fellow dog lovers. They’re safe. I’m starting to think that this all a ploy by the animals as an uprising so that they can save the planet, and honestly, a planet of dogs in charge? I’d love it!

Important news for me, a person who wants to pet every dog that I see in public, and for Chris Evans, because sadly watching dogs walk by and knowing I couldn’t pet them for fear of giving them coronavirus? Devastating.

The thing is: We all love dogs, even if secretly, for those who don’t want to admit it. They’re lovable, want to be your best friend, and will stay with you as long as you love them. And now, in the time of coronavirus and quarantining ourselves, it’ll be nice to have a puppy companion. Is it too late to go and get a dog?

Dad jokes aside, I’m just excited that it means dogs are going to be okay. They don’t even know what’s happening! What if we quarantined them and they thought they were in trouble and got sad? The thought of it is too much to bear. Let your puppies run free!

To make up for the bad dad joke, here are puppies just being the best and cutest.

I’m just glad that dogs are safe. They can be there for us, cuddle us, and we can know that they won’t get sick as a result. Bless us this moment of good news.

(image: Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

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