Stray Dog Steals 400,000 Rupees From Indian Businessman

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We knew it was only a matter of time before the stray dogs of the world rose up against their mistreatment at the hands of humans, and it appears that the revolution has begun, At least, it has in India, where a stray dog reportedly stole a bag containing over 400,000 Indian rupees — almost $7,500 U.S. dollars — from a man when he stepped outside for just a moment to wash his face.

According to the BBC, Nakched Mian left the bag containing 400,000 rupees sent home by his son, who works abroad, on his bed. Mian left his bedroom to wash his face only to return and find, to his horror, that a stray dog had entered his room and had the bag. The dog, for its part,  knew exactly what to do when a human caught it with something it’s not supposed to have in its mouth, and ran like heck.

The dog escaped Mian’s clutches, though a portion of the money — about 140,000 rupees — was found on a nearby street. the rest of it, though, remains missing. Though police have said it is out of the question for Mian to file charges against the dog itself, he has lodged a formal complaint with police, reading in part:

“When I went outside to wash my face at the water pump, I saw a stray dog running away with my money bag clutched in his mouth. I chased it but it disappeared from sight.”

According to police, the dog might have thought that there was food inside of the bag, demonstrating exactly why we here at Geekosystem store all of our money in canvas bags with dollars signs prominently displayed on them. That way, the dogs know that the bag is full of money, not hamburgers, and are much less interested. Granted, robbers in striped shirts and domino masks are a going concern for us, but hey — no plan is perfect. Soemtimes you just pick your battles and hope for the best.

While we sympathize, Mian’s predicament does force us to ask what sort of businessman puts himself in a position where he could be so easily ripped off by a stray dog? An irresponsible one, that’s what kind.

(via BBC)

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