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Raid on Illegal Dog Slaughterhouse Nets 435 Dog Penises

A raid on an illegal dog slaughterhouse in Taiwan turned up an especially bizarre and grisly sight this week — a refrigerator full of hundreds of dried dog penises, which we think you’ll agree qualifies as “bizarre and grisly” even in the context of “illegal dog slaughterhouse.” The penises, which are sometimes sold as ingredients for herbal wines used locally as aphrodisiacs. Why exactly you’d need a stockpile of hundreds of them is beyond us, though that could have something to do with how hard we’re working not to think about it right now.

Depressingly, the slaughterhouse also contained the corpses of about a dozen freshly killed dogs. Even more depressingly, a number of collars were found at the scene, suggesting that some of the butchered pups were beloved family pets before being killed. Slightly less depressingly, a pair of dogs was rescued alive from the site, and we send our sincere hopes that these pooches find their way to good homes following what was surely a harrowing experience.

It bears keeping in mind that at some point, some Taiwanese law officer was required to count how many dog penises there were on hand and presumably enter them into evidence. That is true dedication to one’s law enforcement career, and it’s hard to express how much respect we have for it.

(via Raw Story)

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