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When You Deny Evolution, You Aren’t Nearly as Cute as This Dog Denying Evolution

You're also wrong, just like the dog.

According to this video, 46% of Americans don’t believe in evolution, and as it turns out, neither do 100% of dogs. At least YouTube user Steve Gerben’s dog Jiggs doesn’t, and he’ll tell you why in this video. The dog is also wearing a tie, which doesn’t help its credibility, but does make it look adorable.

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We have little patience for listening to people deny evolution, but when it’s coming from a cute little dog, it turns out we can put up with it for at least 1:41, the length of the video.

As explained in the video’s description, it’s a take on the classic Richard Dawkins/Wendy Wright debate. Also in the description, Gerben writes:

We could imagine that if Jiggs had a higher degree of consciousness, the world really would look designed for him. Jiggs, however, eats trash. Thankfully, unlike that adorable Norwich terrier, modern humans have brains which are able to understand natural phenomena (like the origin of species) at a level far deeper than mere appearances. You’re that modern human. It’s beautiful.

At its core, it’s a satirical look at the argument against the science of evolution, but on the surface it’s a cute dog video. Those are both things we love, so nice work to Gerben and Jiggs.

(Steve Gerben via Jim Grammond)

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