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PBS Digital Studios Releases First Episode of Latest Series The Advanced Apes

And what's more scientific than studying apes?

Are you a big fan of Darwinian theories of evolution? Then you’ll probably really enjoy The Advanced Apes, the newest web series produced by PBS Digital Studios. Their first episode tackles the subject of human evolution with adorably animated images and cool scientific facts.

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According to the official Advanced Apes Youtube channel, the series is dedicated to “examining the evolving story of science. We believe that exploring our current understanding of science and its historical context can help us better understand where it’s leading us.” And by starting with Darwin, they’re sure putting it all out on the line here.

While this episode officially launches the Advanced Apes series — which will get a new episode every other Monday — it’s not actually the first to appear on their channel. Way, way back in February, they also put out this short video about whether or not chimpanzees possess “culture:”

We’re hoping to see a lot more great stuff come out of this Youtube channel in the future. Hopefully the comments sections won’t be too… erm, intense with creationism arguments.

(via PBS Digital Studios on Twitter)

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