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Four More Days of Future Past Featurettes To Feast Your Eyes On Before The Movie Comes Out Tomorrow [VIDEO]

Mutatis Mutandis

“Maybe it was just Colossus’ character poster that looked bad. Maybe in the movie he won’t be so—AAHHHHAHAAAHA no.” This is the franchise that gave us this special effects milestone, after all. You know, between Jill’s negative review, the less-than-brilliant script of First Class (“You should be Professor X!,” oh come on), and the, er, uneven marketing campaign, my expectations for Days of Future Past are so low that I think I actually have a good shot at enjoying it. All I’m asking for at this point is stupid fun and Peter Dinklage.

Three more featurettes are behind the cut: Iceman, Bishop, and Storm.

(via: SuperHeroHype)

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