Jean Kirstein and Connie Springer moments before they were transformed into Titans by Eren during The Rumbling, Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3

Not Everyone Lived To See the End of ‘Attack on Titan,’ but Two of Our Faves Did

There are a lot of characters from Attack on Titan who didn’t live to see the end of the series, but there are several characters who did—including Jean and Connie. If the series proved anything over the years, it’s that strength or wits don’t always get people through a world run amok by hatred—and people who can turn into giants.

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Erwin Smith, a strategic commander and a passionate truthseeker, died giving his all to try to kill Zeke. Levi Ackerman, who was “Humanity’s Strongest,” failed to protect most of the people who mattered to him. Hange Zoe, the smartest among the commanders, died trying to buy time for comrades and friends to get away from the Rumbling.

In a series that wiped out most of humanity, it’s easy to assume that characters like Jean and Connie did not make it. In Attack on Titan season 4, part 3, Eren transformed them into Titans against their will. The pair accepted this fate, and the other Eldians in the vicinity also turned into Titans that could be commanded by Eren’s will. The other Titan shifters and the two Ackermans who were unaffected by the mist expelled by Eren proceeded to do everything in their power to finally put an end to Eren himself.

It all felt shocking and many fans were on the edge of their seat, but Connie and Jean both survived the ordeal. They saw Sasha give her salute to them one last time, and they both lived to tell the tale, long after the Rumbling, as diplomats of Paradis.

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