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Is Daryl Dixon the Ultimate ‘The Walking Dead’ Survivor?

Hey, Daryl! You alive?

daryl dixon in TWD

The Walking Dead didn’t end with the same characters it started with. In fact, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) are the only characters that were there from the beginning. As a fan of the comics, it’s always interesting to think of how Daryl was created for the show. Daryl remains one of the only other characters that has no point of origin. And yet he’s a character the writers were practically threatened not to kill off (his stans can be…a lot).

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Does Daryl Dixon die in The Walking Dead?

Ultimately the answer to the question of whether he’s dead or not is relatively obvious. The rioting that would erupt (maybe in-person too honestly) across the internet would rival other fandom responses. For that reason and because he’s a big hunk of sheer determination, Darly survived to the end.

The crossbow-carrying survivor managed to lie through a lot of disastrous scenarios that claimed many lives. From power-hungry leaders, cannibals, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors, the Whisperer war, walkers, and so on. Daryl even has his own upcoming spin-off, but where is he headed? What’s next for Daryl Dixon?

Where is Daryl going in his spin-off?

Last we saw Daryl, he was driving off on his bike to places unknown in the series finale. After many years of battling for his chosen family and communities, he’s off to do something different. The news that Michonne (Danai Gurira) is looking for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) certainly contributes to his trek. But his spin-off isn’t going to be about Rick or anyone else. According to Norman Reedus, Daryl ends up in Paris (how the hell that happens, we don’t know) and it’s not because he wants to try French cuisine.

His spin-off is set to air in 2023 (date TBA) and hopefully it doesn’t tarnish the character we’ve come to know. I’m not personally as excited for this series as other people (it doesn’t feel as necessary as the Rick/Michonne spin-off for example), but it’s cool if you are!

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