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Does the Longest Survivor of ‘The Walking Dead’ Make It Through?

We miss him so.

rick grimes in TWD s9

The Walking Dead spent many years crushing hearts and leaving fans hanging with the fate of characters. The most stressful being Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) years ago. When it came to the exit of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) back in season 9, a lot of concerns bubbled up. I remember the utter disappointment and disbelief when the news broke. It certainly made people question whether they wanted to continue watching.

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After all, how could the show carry on without him as a beloved character? And the biggest question you may be asking, in case you stopped watching before season 9, was Rick killed off? Did the fandom fall completely apart as a result? Please allow me to answer your barely pressing question.

Did Rick die or just disappear?


Things looked pretty grim for Rick during “What Comes After” (Season 9, Episode 5). The bullshit that landed Rick in the position to be impaled on a piece of rebar is…almost too annoying to think back on. What’s important is the stress that bubbled and broiled as the herd descended upon him. Poor Rick struggled by himself to keep that herd away from everyone. Ultimately it came as no surprise to anyone that Rick would put himself second in such a scenario.

Does Rick die in his pursuit to keep his allies and loved ones safe? No, he doesn’t! He just had near-death visions that helped him realize that his chosen family is large. Classic TWD, am I right? Dramatically, Rick shot at lone dynamite on the bridge to kill most of the horde. And a few characters witnessed what looked like his death. Much to the surprise of many, Jadis/Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) spoke with a group over walkie-talkies (which is revealed in The Walking Dead: World Beyond) and they take a very injured Rick away in a helicopter. We literally never see him again until the recent The Walking Dead series finale.


  • “What Comes After” is the title of the 18th volume of The Walking Dead comics
  • Comic! Rick doesn’t die till the very end of the comics
  • Jon Bernthal, Scott Wilson, Sonequa Martin-Green and more guest starred in the episode

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