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Don’t Worry: When Doctor Who Comes Back We’ll Get a Full Season

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It’s been a rough road for Doctor Who fans in the past few years. First there was an unusually large hiatus between series six and seven, nearly a year between the end of the last season and the beginning of the next. Then the long awaited Series 7 turned out to be really two half seasons, with another six month break in between them.

Add the filming of the 50th and a Christmas special, and we’re looking at another nearly year long break between the end of a season of Doctor Who and the beginning of the next. Obviously, anticipation for the 50th and the special, with the promise of the return of a fan favorite doctor and companion, not to mention the regeneration of another, is running high. But folks are still eager to get a look at Peter Capaldi‘s doctor.

The good news is that when it does show up, it’ll be a full thirteen episodes. Steven Moffat mentioned the number specifically in an interview with Broadcast, confirming that his crew will be making “at least” thirteen episodes for 2014. No word on whether those episodes will be split with a hiatus, or whether that count of thirteen includes a Christmas special, which are traditionally not counted as part of the episodes of a series.

But considering that the 2013 Christmas special has already been filmed, and the lengthy time between now and the end of last season, I think we’re more likely to see the 2014 season in the spring or summer, rather than a fall schedule that would include a Christmas special. Of course, it’s never wise to bet that new Doctor Who is coming sooner rather than later. But at least we’ll be getting a good healthy helping of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor to become irrevocably attached to.

(via Blastr.)

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