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Season 7 of Doctor Who Delayed to Fall 2012

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

James and the Doctor had to take a moment to compose themselves after the confirmed news that the seventh season of Doctor Who will be delayed until fall 2012.

You have to understand… the Doctor isn’t angry. He’s just disappointed. (He also wants you to remember, when all this is over, that he offered you a choice.)

According to DoctorWhoTV:

It seems likely that only half of Series 7 will be shown in Autumn 2012, with the remainder coming early 2013. This means the Christmas 2012 episode would air in the middle of a series rather than the end.

It would also mean that 2013 would see an eighth series airing in time for the 50th anniversary.

That means we’d likely be seeing an Easter Special in 2012, then a half season in the Fall, a 2012 Christmas special, the next half of season 7, and then season 8 in fall 2013.

Wait… if we had a TARDIS we could go to fall 2012 and watch Doctor Who! We just have to wait until fall 2012 for the TARDIS to come back. Then we can go to fall 2012 and watch Doctor Who.

(via Blastr and Bleeding Cool, the utterly candid photo was taken in our offices.)

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