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Doctor Who Puzzle Game Tests Your Brain in Classic Who Locations

Use your brain to solve your problems just like the Doctor would.


If you’re looking for an anti-social Thanksgiving activity (or a social one, if you’re so inclined), try the Doctor Who: Say What You See game from Big Ideas Digital. The game consists of visual puns against backdrops of various Doctor Who themed backgrounds, and it’s up to you to solve the word puzzles by typing in your answers.

Currently, the locales available are the inside of the TARDIS and the Totter’s Lane junkyard where the TARDIS was found in the first episode of Doctor Who. Both of those are free after buying the app for $0.99, and the planet Gallifrey is coming soon. It seems that future canvases may cost a small amount as micro-transactions, but the first two should puzzle you enough for now and give you a feel for whether or not you want to purchase new ones.


Good thing it’s bigger on the inside.

You can move around the image and zoom in to try to figure out each visual puzzle, and you can use your sonic screwdriver to reveal hidden bonuses. We’re a little disappointed that the hint button doesn’t say “spoilers,” though. Now you’ll have something to pass the time until the Christmas special.

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