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Doctor Who Confidential to be Canceled at End of Current Season

Everyone’s favorite post Doctor Who activity, watching behind-the-scenes footage of the Doctor Who episode they just watched, Doctor Who Confidential, is to be canceled by the BBC. The Time Lord specific documentary series began airing when Doctor Who received the much praised reboot in 2005, back when Christopher Ecclesten played the leather jacket clad Doctor and Billie Piper played the fan favorite modern day companion Rose.

The BBC is facing budget cuts across the company of up to 20 percent, so BBC controller Zai Bennett targeted Doctor Who Confidential as part of the network’s losses and has chosen to cancel the show at the end of its current series. Instead of the documentary series, which usually has behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with cast members, the BBC will be focusing more on “[building] original British commissions, unique to the channel.” Though Doctor Who Confidential will be missed by many, I’m sure most Doctor Who fans would rather axe the documentary series in order to keep the actual Doctor Who away from budget cuts. With word that the next season of Doctor Who will be airing around half of a year late coupled with speculation that the current show’s ratings aren’t so hot, and now the cancelation of Doctor Who Confidential, this Time Lord fan is a little worried about the fate of his show. Hopefully, what Matt Smith saw behind door number 11 wasn’t the unemployment line.

(The Guardian via The Doctor Who News Page)

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