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Superman Saves Pedestrian… Er, Surgeon Dressed As Superman Saves Pedestrian

Don't Try This At Home

Heng Khuen Cheok, an Australian ER doctor, happened to be coming home from his own bachelor party when he witnessed a pedestrian “skittling,” which Urban Dictionary assures me is slang for “getting knocked over.” In this case, by a car. Cheok did not, as depicted above, teach the car a good lesson by slamming it into a rock. Instead he ran to the side of the pedestrian, being tended to by friends, to see if there was anything he could do to help. There was just one problem:

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He was dressed as Superman.

“One of the man’s friends was crouching next to him and he took one look at me in my Superman costume and was telling me to go away,” Dr Cheok said.

“He relaxed a bit when my friend told him we really were emergency doctors.”

Cheok worked with the friend to stem the victim’s bleeding, and kept him stable until an ambulance could arrive, while passersby scoffed at the obvious viral video stunt. Cheok says that calling him a superhero would be a step too far, though the circumstances were “extraordinary.” His wedding is tomorrow, and may we be among those to say congratulations, Mr. Cheok, and have you ever read any Doctor Strange? Doctor Mid-Nite?

( via Boing Boing.)

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