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Shut It Down, Nerds: Dungeons & Dragons Themed Yoga Exists

Does this rank above or below LARPers on the "cool" scale?

Congratulations, Hipster Brooklyn! You’ve done it. You’ve taken what’s stereotypically known as the lamest, nerdiest thing you can possibly ever do with your free time and made it even more embarrassing to talk about with strangers. And you didn’t even need to add any kale!

To be fair, I went into the idea of “D&D Yoga” with an open mind. I’m a complete nerd who also happens to live in Brooklyn, and I’ve done both D&D and yoga separately (and I should point out that most of the time when I do yoga, I actively pretend I am Daenerys Targaryen, so yeah, nerd). So, artist Scott Wayne Indiana’s idea to combine the two into one steamlined “guided narrative” led by a dungeon master and yoga instructor seems like a no-brainer.

And yet, watching this video… I don’t know. It is definitely not my jam. More power to the people who do enjoy it, I guess, but — agh. You guys are rolling dice on yoga mats and pretending to stab goblins with one foot in the air while awful ambient music plays in the background. Do you see yourselves right now? It’s bad enough when you just roll dice and pretend to hit goblins. At least LARPers get dress up and swing swords around. They make a day of it, you know?

Perhaps some of my personal problem has to do with the fact that, unlike actual Dungeons & Dragons, the participants of D&D Yoga all play one character together, who the artist describes as “a roguish rugged individual who has run afoul of the local law.” Something a little more interactive might be more interesting, and apparently that’s the next step for Indiana.

“We will be bringing more decision-making, dice rolls, and player discussions into the whole thing,” he told Animal New York in an e-mail. Cool, we could get behind that. Then we at Geekosystem could play a bunch of inflexible sarcastic gnome rogues who sit on mats in the back and make fun of everyone. That sounds way more up our alley.

(via Animal New York)

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