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DIY Bracelet Made From Hardware Supplies

Not all that glitters is gold


Someone had the idea to braid hex nuts and turn it into a bracelet. There’s nothing that isn’t really cool about that, including the fact that it kind of looks like either a spine or a zipper. Whichever you think it looks like, it’s a very cool thing to turn into jewelry for those of us who aren’t into daintier pieces. Diamonds? Psssht. Nut up or shut up.

Click through for a sample of the how-to, to show just how easy it is.

From Honestly … WTF, it’s really as simple as braiding while beading. So gather up those hex nuts you’ve had lying around and get a-weaving!

And in the end, you will have a wicked, homemade bauble!

For Honestly… WTF’s more detailed explanation, go here.

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