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Disney Soon To Offer More Star Wars Rides, Entire Star Wars Theme Park Being Considered

Use the g-force, Luke!


In the entirety of Disney’s global Empire there’s currently only one measly Star Wars ride, which seems a missed opportunity for Mickey Mouse to take my money–if Disney’s theme parks can make tea cups exciting, imagine what they could do for pod racing.

Thankfully, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed to Yahoo on Tuesday that as early as next year, the company will begin offering more Star Wars attractions, and perhaps even an entire theme park. Disney already owns Toy Story, Ratatouille and Cars rides, and the company is set to break ground on an Avatar attraction at the Animal Kingdom early next year, so it makes sense that Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and even Marvel rides will soon follow in inevitable suit. To quote Iger: “We don’t have to license from third parties. We own them all.” Yes, we know, Disney. All our droids are belong to you.

I’m curious: are you guys excited at the possibility of exploring your love for Star Wars in a theme park setting, or do X-Wing rides and Spice Mines of Kessel restaurants sound unappealing? I’m cautiously excited, providing all rides go no slower than 18-parsecs per minute.

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