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There Was a Rumor That Disney Wanted to Buy Spider-Man…

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Here come the Spider-Man conspiracy theories yet again! Now that we have confirmation that Peter Parker is still in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is bringing up the conversation about what Disney really wants to do with the iconic character. Sure, there has always been some sort of conversation surrounding the idea of the Mouse buying the rights to Mr. Parker (or maybe the entire Spider family) but nothing has been set in stone from Disney.

Now though, rumors about Disney’s purported Spidey-buying plans have emerged once more, and I have some thoughts. The rumor claims that Disney would consider offering in the range of $4 to 5 billion for rights to the character. This is all a rumor from a source known for scoops but by no means official, so take it with a grain of salt, but it’s incredible to consider how much Spider-Man is conceivably worth. And Disney would, of course, want the rights to Peter Parker because he does make a lot of money on his own (money that Disney wasn’t really seeing because of the deal they had with Sony). While we don’t know the exact details of their new deal, I have to think that Disney got a little of what they wanted, right?

The story was that Disney wanted to split the cost to make the stand-alone Spider-Man movies but also, that means, they’d want to split the profits. Sony wasn’t budging because Sony thought they could handle Peter on their own (I have my opinions on this and my opinions all come to the point that no, they cannot, and they’ve proven it time and time again). But what does that mean in the grand scheme of Sony v. Disney: Dawn of Spidey? It means that we know nothing. We know that they worked out some deal and that that deal means that Peter Parker is still going to be a member of the Avengers.

I think the obsession with Peter Parker comes from a deep-rooted love of the character and when you have two corporations fighting for him, the important aspect of Peter Parker is lost to who thinks they can make the most money. One of the reasons why I love Feige’s pleas for Spidey is that he actually has Marvel backing and, as we’ve seen with the Tom Holland stand-alone films, he understands how Peter Parker would function in the overarching world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So now, knowing that the rumor mill is spinning once again over what Disney is planning to do with Sony and their ownership of Peter, I have to ask: Does it matter? It does, because we saw what happened back in August, but for the time being, it seems that the issue has been resolved and we can still have the best of both worlds. Peter Parker can live his life in the MCU and then swing over to the Spider-Verse movies and who knows! Maybe we’ll even get to see him in Venom 2 depending on what this new deal is.

Either way, it’s just a rumor and with that, we don’t know whether or not we’ll ever see Disney completely take him over or if it will still be a barter system. But at least he’s still in the MCU, right?

(via LRM Online, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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