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Now Disney Has a Live-Action Snow White Movie, But It’s Not as Snowy or White

Just Go With It

Not to be outdone, Disney has been working on its own live-action movie based on Snow White, but rather than be like those other two movies — Universal‘s Snow White and the Huntsman and the still-untitled movie from Relativity Media — this one isn’t going to be your typical Snow White story. In fact, her name won’t be “Snow White,” the seven dwarves won’t be dwarves, and a lot of it takes place in China. And also, it’s not going to be about Snow White all that much. But it’s still totally going to be known as “Disney’s live-action Snow White movie.” And it already has a director!

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The working title, Order of the Seven, seems to imply that the focus of Disney’s production  — which will be helmed by Michael Gracey, who is well-known for his visual effects work — will not even be on the lady we’ve come to know and love. (In fact, the title used to be Snow and the Seven.) But who are “the Seven”? Well, they are not dwarves. They are warriors. Geeks of Doom has a summary:

[Disney] was going to mix things up and take place in the 19th century where an Englishwoman, after returning home for her father’s funeral, runs off to mainland China after discovering her stepmother is up to evil deeds and settles in with a group of seven international warriors … The seven warriors hail from all over the globe, each with a unique fighting style. They belong to an order that’s hundreds of years old, but they’ve lost their way and hope to redeem themselves by helping the Englishwoman, who’s being chased by an ancient evil.

Okay, that sounds like a great movie. But it has nothing to do with Snow White or the original story, except for the amount of dudes who protect her. So, I guess the news is more like “Disney throws its hat into the Snow White ring, changes their mind, makes movie with different focus on altered elements, thereby creating a somewhat original story.”

Guys — an original story! We haven’t seen the likes of this in about a million years! This is great news! Disney is not making a live-action Snow White movie, they’re just making a movie!

We did it! Group hug!

(Geeks of Doom)

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