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Marvel’s West Coast Marketing Team Fired by Disney


According to Deadline, Disney has very recently ended the tenure of every member of Marvel Comics’ marketing team, which Bleeding Cool and Comics Beat swiftly specified as actually simply Marvel’s west coast marketing team: the team that works primarily on Marvel Studios’ (and now Disney’s) blockbuster hits like Captain America, Iron Man and The Avengers.

Though Disney reportedly promised there would be no house cleaning on their part during the merger, according to Deadline, the marketing team simply wasn’t working well with Disney’s perhaps more experienced programs.

Some of the comments I heard today included: “Not up to or have the skill set to release this brand properly”… “Their job was to keep track of the people doing the real work”… “Paper pushers”… ”Would it have killed them to return an email?”… “Disney doesn’t need someone to cut its trailers”…

Either way, it doesn’t seem like these marketing firings will have much of an effect on the content of Marvel’s movies. Whether Disney taking over marketing for Marvel comics (which honestly might not even be what this is) on the west coast will have any interesting effects remains to be seen, and I’m kind of interested in the outcome… but maybe that’s just because I’m an nerd for cross-pollination between mediums.

On the other hand, there are probably some folks at Marvel right now who are really hoping these firings were made to eliminate redundancy, and not because Disney staffers were feeling vindictive.

(via The Beat.)

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