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People Are Turning Their Backyards Into Tiny Disney Parks

It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

This is going to become a thing: turning one’s backyard into a miniature Disney park. HGTV is promoting a new show called Our Yard Went Disney, in which family’s redecorate their backyards to resemble small, Disney-themed amusement parks complete with rides. This means that my dream of a Haunted Mansion exterior, Mad Tea Party breakfast nook, and Jungle Cruise backyard is finally possible. A dream is a wish your heart makes!

Featured in the top pic is a real working train that travels around the entire yard. A ride. They built the Walt Disney World Railroad in their backyard. Those lucky, lucky kids. (Neighbors who bring food get Fast Pass access.)

These people envisioned themselves as an anthropomorphic family of birds and designed themselves a human-sized birdcage swing for acting out their Tiki Room fantasies.

See, when I envisioned my Mad Tea Party breakfast nook, it was actually the spinning tea cups fit with tables, but this tea kettle playhouse is still pretty sweet.

This looks like a cute idea, but if a toddler is having playtime underneath That Hat, everyone should keep an eye on every single piece of lawn equipment and issue a neighborhood flood warning.

Thanks, Leigh Ann!

(HGTV via Dreamport)

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