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Disney-ABC Teams Up With Netflix and Amazon to Stream Alias, Lost, and More

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Netflix continues to step up their streaming library: A new deal was announced with Disney-ABC this morning, and now several shows that have appeared on ABC, ABC Family, and the Disney Channel will stream on Netflix. But that’s not all — another deal with Amazon Prime will give their streaming service the same shows, adding 800 episodes to their library. Not to be outdone, the deal with Netflix will make new episodes available 30 days after they air on network TV. So, this morning, Netflix and Amazon looked at each other and said, “Well played. Well played, indeed.”

Netflix already offers some ABC shows, and this new deal extends their licensing agreement. On top of that, those shows plus new ones will be streamed over the internet as well as via their streaming service. Included in the new content are titles such as ABC’s Alias, Disney Channel’s Kick Buttowski, and ABC Family’s Switched At Birth. Shows that are already on streaming and will continue to be offered are ABC’s Lost and Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb. And shows that are currently on TV will be offered 30 days after they first air.

As for Amazon Prime, it looks like they’re making it clear that Netflix is not the only game in town as far as streaming services go. Not only will they be getting pretty much everything Netflix is extending and acquiring, but it will all also be available for viewing on “over 300” devices, including the new Kindle Fire. They’re hoping to build their library up to about 13,000 titles by early next year, making them a pretty serious competitor for Netflix.

So, is Amazon Prime going to take those fleeing Netflix subscribers?

(via Deadline)

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