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No Brand Is Safe From Dionne Warwick, Who Continues to Do the Lord’s Work on Twitter

Why DOES Burger King sell mozzarella sticks?

Dionne Warwick Twitter Brands

I feel like I’m unintentionally turning myself into a one-woman Dionne Warwick fan page, but I can’t help it when she continues to be an absolute delight on Twitter. I recently wrote about her rightfully blocking Hellmann’s for encouraging us to put mayonnaise in our coffee, but since then she’s unblocked them (as long as they behave).

Now I personally would never want to look at mayonnaise again after the whole coffee incident, but our favorite Auntie Dionne had a motive for giving Hellmann’s (and other mayo companies) a second chance.

It was time to put out a call to ALL brands. Why? Well, they’d soon find out.

Needless to say, a lot of brands answered the call. It’s like a social media bat signal whenever Dionne Warwick gets on Twitter and makes a post like this.

Most of the brands were civil, probably knowing better than to be too snarky with Warwick after she blocked Hellmann’s.

Others, however, chose violence, because you only live once, I guess.

The true beauty of Warwick’s tweet (and the entire point of her even making it) came from her retweeting certain brands to ask them questions that, frankly, we’ve all had for them. Not that Hulu would ever listen to my complaints about still getting ads even if I pay to not get ads, but maybe they’d listen to Dionne frickin’ Warwick.


Hulu attempted to be cute with their response, but…


Hulu wasn’t the only brand that Warwick called out (though it is the one that got the most attention, as folks took the chance to air out their grievances with the streaming platform). After all, this, arguably, started because of Hellmann’s, so when other food brands entered the chat Warwick had her questions ready.

It wasn’t just food brands that got called out, though, unless if you count Chuck E. Cheese as a restaurant, I guess.

When Warwick wasn’t being an absolute savage, she was being quite wholesome, making requests for Halloween, talking about her family, chatting with other celebrities, and finding humor in one of the most underrated candies out there (we don’t appreciate Swedish Fish enough)

Of course, one who gains the attention of multiple brands at a time on social media takes the time to turn it into a business opportunity.

In the end, Warwick revealed that the whole thing was a trap and went on to enjoy the rest of her night.

The absolute power that this woman has is remarkable.

(Image: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images/Twitter screencaps)

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