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Cowboys & Aliens? Now Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens

hold on to your butts

Well, now that the cinematic world has managed to make at least four and up to six successful movies in a franchise that started out with pirates fighting zombies, and the summer movie that I am most excited about seeing is a film where cowboys fight aliens, yeah, sure. Give me a movie where intelligent dinosaurs fight off an alien invasion. I like dinosaurs.

I guess aliens are alright.

Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens is a comic book and eventual movie being developed by Barry Sonnenfeld, fresh off of filming Men in Black 3, and Grant Morrison, of all people. According to Deadline:

The graphic novel will chronicle a secret prehistoric world war battle. When an alien invasion attacks Earth in the age of the dinosaurs, the planet’s only hope is the giants that roam the planet with, it turns out, a lot more intelligence than previously realized.

Well, as a veteran of DC’s brand new Morrison continuity, I can’t wait for the bit where the dinosaurs use a metaphor of a weapon to shatter the universe’s illusion of causality, making all possible realities one and destroying all traces of their civilization, when the now disabled alien mothership crashes into Central America, except for cryptic clues left in Wayne Manor that despite being the home of some of the world’s greatest investigative geniuses, no one has ever noticed until now.

You know, dinosaurs got me through Peter Jackson’s King Kong. They’ll probably get me to enjoy Grant Morrison, too.

And just so we’re clear, Dr. McNinja is basically doing this story right now.

(via Comics Alliance.)

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