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Dilbert Takes on Missing iPhone Saga in Web-Exclusive Comic

Haters sometimes accuse Scott AdamsDilbert of continuing to linger in the ’90s bubble that made it famous, but it was as topical — and bitingly funny — as ever in a web-exclusive comic Adams posted yesterday to his personal blog. Weighing in on the lost iPhone/Gizmodo saga — the most recent development of which was a REACT raid on leaked iPhone disassembler and Giz editor Jason Chen’s house — Adams sends beloved Dilbert schlemiel Wally to the beer garden, where he’s subject to the thieving of belonging-sellers and the tech bloggers who love them.

Adams: “Take a moment to marvel at the fact that I didn’t need to add anything to the story as it has been told in the media.”

Be sure to check out Scott Adams’ blog for his further commentary on the affair.

(h/t Bits and Pieces)

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