Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) checks his watch in 'Succession'

The ‘Succession’ Moment I’ve Been Waiting for Is Finally Here

In 2018, HBO premiered the Succession episode titled “Shit Show at the Fuck Factory.” Despite being the second episode of the first season, it remained one of the most important. In this brief period of time, we had a glimpse of what could happen if Logan Roy (Brian Cox) died before formally declaring a successor to his media empire. Here we saw the media mogul fall from a hemorrhagic stroke and rise back up by the episode’s end. Now, 29 episodes later, the tension has only intensified.

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Major spoilers for season 4, episode 3 of Succession ahead

Rest in piss

Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in 'Succession'

Throughout episode three of season 4, I thought the show was messing with us. After all, it was Easter Sunday. Surprise resurrections in this Shakespearean show have arguably already occurred. Additionally, Logan is the opposite of Jesus Christ, but no less influential in his respective realm of existence. After all, showrunner Jesse Armstrong began Succession as a work inspired by the Murdochs (of Fox News and more) before expanding that inspiration to include many media families.

However, when I realized that the scene in which the Roy children find out their father is dying was a continuous shot (long shot)—it was over. That challenging filmmaking technique likely wouldn’t be wasted on a prank. So, thousands of miles in the air and skipping his eldest son’s wedding to plot against two of his other kids, the CEO of Waystar Royco’s body gave out. Good riddance to that shell of a human. All the Roys are terrible people, but this one is was particularly nasty. Even the moving performances of the cast couldn’t stop my hype train.

American royal family

Shiv (Sarah Snook) holding a phone to her brothers Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) on Succession

Now we can focus on the real question: Who will control the family’s legacy? Everyone is in a position to take over (except maybe Kerry). We shouldn’t be surprised if Logan’s third and current wife, Marcia, shows up. While she and Logan clearly separated, her finances are tied up with his. She probably won’t vie for the CEO spot, but Marcia could tip the scales for anyone who does have a shot.

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