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So Diablo III‘s Secret Level is Basically My Little Pony

Do Try This At Home

Here’s the sequence of events. Back when the original Diablo was out, there was a very persistent but completely false rumor that there was a “Secret Cow Level.” Not a company to ever let an inside joke die, Blizzard preserved the idea with a cheat code in their next game, StarCraft, “There Is No Cow Level.” And when Diablo II rolled around, lo and behold: there was a cow level. Full to the brim with bipedal cows wielding polearms, and one extra-special Cow King. There’s been a cow level joke in pretty much every Blizzard game since. And speculation over what a cow level in Diablo III might be like has run rampant. With the game out now, well. It’s Whimsyshire. It’s pink unicorns, teddy bears, hopping flowers, rainbows, and treasure chests shaped like happy clouds.

Which you can dismember, incinerate, explode, impale and otherwise lay waste to, should you pull together all the rare items and gold to forge the Staff of Herding and talk to the Ghost of the Cow King.

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