Sanemi fighting with Genya in Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc Episode 5

Tanjiro Is Nearing the End of His Training in ‘Demon Slayer’ Season 4 Episode 7

Who would’ve known Hashiras from Demon Slayer could hold a grudge the way Sanemi and Obanai could? The beatings were so brutal that you’d have to give credit to Ufotable for making the scenes funnier than they’re supposed to be.

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Tanjiro went to Obanai’s training after Mitsuri and got beaten to a pulp by the Serpent Hashira for “getting close to her.” This went on for four days because Obanai just couldn’t tell Tanjiro directly that he had a crush on Mitsuri. While I’m sure more than half of the Demon Slayer fandom would go to war for Mitsuri (myself included), it wouldn’t be right to take out unprocessed feelings on Tanjiro, who just wanted to get better.

Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc will continue with episode six on June 16, 2024.

Training Got Worse for Tanjiro

It was a given that Tanjiro and Sanemi had strong animosity between them. You can’t really blame Tanjiro’s dislike for Sanemi, since the Wind Hashira stabbed Nezuko shamelessly. Sanemi seems to be in the wrong for that, but Nezuko is a demon, and he had reasons to be extremely distrustful.

I expected their training to be harsh, but Tanjiro and Sanemi brawled until nighttime. This all happened because Tanjiro stuck his nose in Sanemi and Genya’s brotherly squabbles. At this point, you’d think Genya’s real brother is Tanjiro instead of Sanemi. After almost getting beaten near death’s door, the higher-ups had no choice but to send Tanjiro over to the next Hashira.

Nothing about Gyomei Himejima’s training will be easy. It’s purely physical labor that will test each Demon Slayer Corps’ member to their limits. The only consolation here is that Gyomei is fair and not as begrudging and ill-tempered as the two other Hashiras Tanjiro moved on from.

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