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Deleted Thor: Ragnarok Scene Is As Weird and Wonderful As You’d Imagine

In which Thor gets family advice from Bruce Banner, the Grandmaster gets intimate with some tentacles, Bruce has a very strange bowl of soup, and Valkyrie continues to win at everything.

Mblergh it’s me, your friendly Thor: Ragnarok correspondent. As we approach the film’s digital release on February 20, we are being teased by a tantalizing look at the myriad extras, deleted scenes, and featurettes that await us. EW got its hands on a deleted scene that’s pretty extensive—and it’s as Ragnarok-y as possible. That is: over-the-top, funny, and extremely colorful.

The Revengers gang—Thor, Bruce, and Valkyrie (sans Loki for the moment)—have just escaped in the Grandmaster’s orgy ship through the Devil’s Anus wormhole and are headed to Asgard to fight Thor’s evil sister and her army of undead warriors and her giant zombie wolf (God I love this wackadoo movie).

Bruce comes in to find Thor going through the Grandmaster’s holograms, having apparently settled on watching what amounts to the Grandmaster starring in his own tentacle porn. My affection for Jeff Goldblum and Taika Waititi is truly boundless.

Thor has a heart-to-heart with Bruce about how his family seems like it’s cursed to fight each other at the expense of everyone else, upon which Bruce counters with a story about missing his father’s death. In comics canon, Bruce’s father Brian Banner is a monster of a man who abuses his son and kills his wife in front of young Bruce, so this is kind of an odd aside to be humorous, but maybe it’s a nod to comics fans? Or, like, not-so-subtle shade that Thor’s family isn’t the only one that sucks?

Anyway, here’s a much funnier exchange from the heart to heart between Thor and Bruce:

Bruce: [encouragingly] You’re Thor! You could kill your sister!

Thor: Yeah. Thor without his hammer.

Bruce: You’re not the God of Hammers! You’re Dumbo!

Thor: That doesn’t sound like a compliment.

Bruce: It’s totally a compliment. Dumbo! Dumbo!

Thor: It sounds like you’re calling me Dumbo. Over and over again.

Bruce: [makes an ‘ears’ gesture] Dumbo!

Thor: Say it again and I’ll rip your head off.

Bruce: The elephant who thinks he can fly because he has a magical feather. And then he loses his feather one day and he realizes the feather didn’t have anything to do with him flying at all.

[at this point Bruce’s alien soup becomes … odd, and Valkyrie comes in and proves herself, once more, an unmitigated badass]

It’s understandable why this scene was cut. It’s definitely on the weirder side of weird, and in the final cut of Ragnarok, the Revengers are knocked unconscious as they go through the wormhole and basically wake up when they’re approaching Asgard. But this scene was likely cut because Bruce’s story reveals a plot point that becomes a much bigger, dramatic reveal at the movie’s end—that Thor never needed his hammer Mjölnir at all, and the power to challenge Hela was inside him all along.

Or maybe they cut it because of the tentacle porn. IDK.

(via Entertainment Weekly on Twitter, image: screengrab)

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